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Best ways to sell wine collection & free cellar valuations


Wine Valuations

We are happy to say that we offer no-obligation wine valuations, free of charge. Should you wish to see the current value of your cellar, or even if you would like to know the best time to drink your wine, we are happy to help. With access to in-depth market knowledge, our experienced specialists can also happily advise when would be the best time to sell your wine, or whether you can expect the value of your wine to increase, free of charge.

For further information, please email [email protected] or fill in the enquiry form.

Best ways to sell wine collection – What are we interested in?

Should you wish to sell your wine, we are always interested in correctly stored, full cases of fine wines, stored in their original cases. Classed Growth Bordeaux, stored under bond, are our primary interest. However, we will happily take all fine wines under consideration. We have a large international customer and client base, aiding us to buy and sell your wines proficiently.
If you want to sell your wine collection, a few cases, a family cellar, help a friend sell their wine or sell your wine left as an inheritance, we are always happy to hear from you.
We will always endeavour to offer better prices than our competitors, offering you the best way to sell your wine.

Below you will find the best ways to sell wine collection:

Sell Your Wine – Step 1 – Please send an email with the wine you would like to sell, or fill in the enquiry form.

Sell Your Wine – Step 2 – We will respond to your email stating our interest, normally alongside questions about storage and provenance.

Sell Your Wine – Step 3 – We will make you an offer for the wines of interest. This offer may come in one of two forms, or both. We may offer to buy your wines outright. Or we may offer brokering terms, which will involve us listing your wines and selling them to our broad network of international customers. For brokering terms, we are happy to agree a timescale within which you would like us to sell your wine.

Sell Your Wine – Step 4 – You accept our offer. CWI will then send you a written agreement to sign, stating our intention to buy and your intention to sell your wine.

Sell Your Wine – Step 5 – For outright purchases, you send your wine to our warehouse. Our fine wine professionals will inspect the cases. Within 7 days, and upon satisfactory inspection, we will send you the full payment.

Sell Your Wine – Step 6 – For agreed brokering terms, upon satisfactory inspection of your wines, we will send you the full payment for any wine sold within 30 days from the date of sale.

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