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What is Cru Wine's team expecting from the 2020 Bordeaux En Primeur?

The 2020 Bordeaux en primeur campaign is fast approaching, and we strongly believe that this vintage will be an exciting one for your cellar.

Bordeaux is known for producing world-class wines in both red and white, with various styles and tasting profiles. 2020 will be a vintage of innovation given the global situation we are living in.

Our experts both on the ground in Bordeaux and in London have been gathering exclusive feedback from producers and suppliers, and we believe the vintage to be excellent – similar in quality to the 2018 and 2019 vintages. However, high temperatures in the growing season affected the volume of wine produced, making the 2020 crop smaller than the 10-year average.

From the top Grand Crus in Saint-Emilion or the Medoc, to smaller, more boutique winemakers crafting lovely, approachable wines, there really will be a great selection of wines whether you are buying as an investment or to drink. Early reports have shown a significant decrease in the volume produced on both the right and left bank, but the wines made are superb with great concentration and quality across the board. Given the reduced yields, demand will be high but supply will be low.

James Suckling and Michel Rolland found the wines to be “excellent” and mention that the 2018s, 2019s and 2020 form a new trio of high quality vintages.

Cru Wine 25 Bdx index1 performance since 2018 release: +7.5%

Cru Wine 25 Bdx index1 performance since 2019 release: +8.2%

The Cru Wine 25 Bdx Index contains a case of 6 of the 25 wines that make up the Cru Wine 25 Bdx Index.

The lower supply means it will be harder to get access to the most rare wines at the first release price. Given the latest frost in April 2021, it is also believed the 2021 vintage will be even lower in supply. It is therefore key to register your early interest in the wines you are after, so that we can do everything we can in order to secure these wines for you.

You will find the wishlist below, but if you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact your account manager or and we will make sure to take care of your requests.

Our experience in buying Bordeaux En Primeur

This will be our 6th consecutive Bordeaux EP campaign and a lot has happened since. When we started with the 2014 vintage, it was difficult for Bordeaux as it suffered 4 years of decline in value and demand. We saw the 2014 as a great vintage with tremendous value for money for our customers. And right we were! The 2014 vintage has grown by more than 100% in value for some wines, and Bordeaux has enjoyed tremendous success in demand and value for each vintage since.

We have offices and a team both in Bordeaux and in London. We have a warehouse in those 2 regions as well to ensure optimum storage conditions. You can request pictures to be taken of your wines and visit the warehouse at any time if you wished to see your cases.

Buying Bordeaux EP is not just about getting access to the best wines at the best price. Buying wine is also a passion and as such we follow-up with our clients by organising fantastic wine tastings, wine masterclasses, and even field trips to the estates in Bordeaux each year. You will get the opportunity to talk to wine makers, mingle with like-minded wine connoisseurs, and polish your wine knowledge.


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