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Your unique opportunity to own a piece of scotch whisky history

Buying rare whisky for investment has proven to be extremely lucrative, outperforming almost all assets and luxury collectables over the past 10 years. Currently sitting at the top of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, whisky has become a heavyweight in the investment market, with assets growing 428% over the past decade. The industry average growth for whisky casks is 5%-6% per annum. These potentially very strong returns are not subject to capital gains tax within the UK either as HMRC classifies whisky as a ‘wasting asset’.

Whilst bottle collection remains the backbone of whisky investment, the opportunity to have your very own cask of maturing scotch is something very special indeed.

The benefit of investing in whisky casks is that you are purchasing a cask with new fill spirit (which cannot yet be called whisky) with nowhere near the complexity of an aged whisky and hence you can buy at a very reasonable price in comparison to the potential gains.

How it works

Here at Cru Wine, we partner with some of the leading distilleries to create a cask buying program for our clients to enable you to purchase quality, aged spirit to be stored in exclusive barrels not always available to the wider public. 

All your casks are stored and managed by our partner distillery. As the age of your cask increases so does the value of the liquid inside.

Upon optimal maturity, the distillery assesses the quality of the whisky, along with an external broker, and offers you a purchase price for the cask at fair market value. At the point of sale, you will have the opportunity to bottle some of the whisky for your personal consumption.

Your own bottles will also be unique, as they can be personalised with your name, company logo, family crest and more – the perfect gift!

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