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Cru Wine events: Exclusive online tasting with Château Angelus

We had the pleasure to organise an exclusive Zoom tasting with Château Angélus in the UK for our clients in April.

Our Clients have tasted 4 different wines, and we all very much enjoyed Château Angélus’ Owner and CEO, Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal’s superb presentation of Château Angélus and Le Carillon d’Angélus wines.
The positive feedback we have received from our clients after the tasting made this event really memorable for us:

“Thank you very much for inviting me, it was a really great experience.  It was extremely interesting to hear what they had to say, and of course sample the wines. I will certainly be keeping the 2015 in mind for future purchases.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the invite for the tasting.  The flasks were amazing, much nicer than anything I had seen before. The On line sessions are so much more insightful than a 5minute chat over the tasting table at the big events.  16 Carillon was a lovely wine, just reinforces about what everyone says and my views on 16 as an amazing year.  Clear star unsurprisingly was the 2015 Grand Vin.  I remember tasting the 2015 right banks EP and this had the density and structure, but was just a level above anything I tried at the time, even considering that this was in bottle for a few years. Nice thing about the size of sample is that I can do it again this evening and see what they are like 24 hours later.”

“Thanks so much for arranging the tasting. Heather and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The Angélus estate looks wonderful and we will definitely try and visit in the future.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have a video to share about the tasting as it was exclusive to our clients, but we suggest watching this video below about the amazing estate of Château Angélus.:

Stay in touch with us, we plan to organise many more nice tastings in the future!

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