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Cru Wine Investment in the News with YPI

Cru Wine Investment has been interviewed for the celebration of the 45 years of Yachting Partners International.

YPI included in their annual magazine, an interesting article on fine wine investment and our lucrative this investment can be. Both from a return and diversification angle.

Below is a short part of the article. Full article can be viewed here.

Fine Wine might once have been considered rather niche, but not any more. The market has grown in value an impressive 45% worldwide over the past five years, according to wine trading exchange Liv-ex. The appeal is obvious. Aside from the prestige of owning some of the greatest wines the world has to offer, there is a genuine chance to make big returns on your investment. “Fine wine investment is not correlated to equities, so while these go up or down they have no effect on the value of your wine,” explains Gregory Swartberg, Managing Director of Cru Wine Investment.

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