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Cru Wine Investment Report – The Whisky market

      Cru Wine Limited has been specialised in fine wine investment for years. We are now looking to expand our expertise to another type of asset: Whisky.

Vintage whisky investment might appear as a quite complex sector to understand, but with rising figures in the world of spirits, more and more investment specialists are focusing on whisky as an additional solution for portfolio diversification.

In the last 10 years, we have seen distilleries like Maccalan, Bowmore and others increasingly focus on their more premium casks or releases. This is due to a significant rise of demand resulting in sourcing difficulties for collectors.

We have also seen some of the highest auction results ever in fine wine and spirits in the last 2 or 3 years, with products like a Macallan Fine&Rare 60YO of 1926 hitting a record breaking amount of £850.000 for a single bottle.

In the whisky world, rarity, age and history are the three main factors for a potential investment. Yearly releases usually come in limited editions with engraved numbers for distilleries to be able to trace where their production is going and to combat counterfeit.

With rarity usually comes a great history or background. Distilleries are now being proactive in marketing techniques and storytelling tools to make sure the final consumer understands how unique their Single Malt 18YO scotch is. As investment service providers, we are dedicated to choosing products that are not only well marketed but also totally unique and worth your investment.

At Cru Wine, we are now broadening our range of whisky with offers on small batch Japanese whisky, rare Scottish distilleries and Bourbons. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information on our whisky offering or visit our e-shop.

Enzo Gendreau, Digital Sales Manager

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