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We are under starters orders and the first runners in the Bordeaux 2023 En Primeur are off. It is an early start, with some big first growths releasing in the first week of May so stay up to date with all releases by signing up to our En Primeur offers.

Discover the 2023 vintage from Bordeaux. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting on your journey, this is your chance to secure some of the finest wines from the region.

Over the coming months, this page will act as your guide to this year’s En Primeur campaign. Our team are travelled to Bordeaux at the end of April for our annual tastings with châteaux – an essential trip for us to learn all about the vintage and its wines, in order to ensure we’re providing you with the best advice and information. They returned with a buzz of excitement, both for the quality that was found across the appellations and from their discussions with producers about prices, which seem set to be very appealing for consumers. Look out for our tasting report which will be posted here soon, along with which releases we feel offer the best opportunity for you to purchase during the campaign.

One thing to note that differs from previous years is that there may be some very high profile, early releases in late April and early May, so keep your eyes peeled. What is clear is that it is shaping up to be a very interesting campaign…

With our many years of experience and expertise in buying and selling Bordeaux, we can cut through the noise and simplify the En-Primeur purchasing process. We will offer detailed insights into the vintage, helping you make the right decisions on which wines to buy, whether that be for future drinking or investment.

What the critics are saying about Bordeaux 2023...

“The best reds show balance and freshness with deep center palates of ripe fruit and a complement of polished tannins. In many ways, I like them better than many of the highly touted 2022s because they are so Bordeaux in their nature with their tensioned mouthfeels and energetic finishes.”
James Suckling

“One virtue that underlies the best wines is the brightness or what the French term “éclat”. It’s a kind of nascent energy that, in my experience, augurs a sample that will evolve into a great wine. This brightness derives from the fruit, acidity, fineness of tannins and the more intangible concept of their personality, a combination of all.”
Neal Martin

“Bordeaux’s 2023 vintage is a fascinating paradox. While the year was one of the warmest in recorded history, it wasn’t very sunny—in contrast with recent warm vintages such as 2022, 2020, 2019 and 2018… The young wines, tasted from cask, reflect this paradox, possessing—at their best—the depth, density and ripe tannin of a sunny vintage but also the vibrant, expressive aromas and flavors of a more traditionally “Atlantic” season. The best 2023s are just as exciting as the best 2022s.”
William Kelley


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