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Unhappy with your current wine merchant? Move your portfolio to Cru Wine in easy three steps, and take advantage of our personalised fine wine investment and portfolio management service.

Our simple three-step process:

Expert Consultation

Complete the form below and our experienced team of wine investment experts will get in touch to discuss your current portfolio and situation. We will provide personalised consultation, assessing your current wine collection and discussing your options post-transfer, tailored for your future wine investment journey with Cru Wine

Free wine portfolio evaluation

As part of our streamlined process to onboard your wine investment portfolio with us, your wine collection will go through a thorough valuation at no additional fees. Share the details of your investment wines with us and our dedicated team will provide you with a full portfolio analysis and evaluation.

Simple wine portfolio transfer

Ready to make the switch to Cru Wine? We will help you to transfer your current portfolio from its current location to our specialised bonded storage warehouse. We will not charge you any fees to transfer your wines over to us for management. 

Why transfer to Cru Wine?


Investment Expertise

Our experienced team have both financial and fine wine backgrounds. This blend of expertise means that they will be able to provide you guidance on and analysis on your portfolio and work closely with you to continue to build a rewarding fine wine portfolio, aligned with your goals.

Competitive Fees

Competitive Fee Structure

The only fees we will charge you whilst managing your portfolio are our storage fees, which includes insurance, perfect conditions and security. If later, you want to sell or liquidate part of your portfolio, there is a 5% commission on a fully managed selling service.

Managed service

Fully Managed Service

We are incredibly proud of the personalised service we provide our clients, ensuring that we share timely updates and insights on the fine wine market, your portfolio performance and advice on which wines match your portfolio goals.

"From initial contact through to becoming a new client, the experience provided by Cru Wine has been excellent. It's impressive to see how Matt approaches wine from both the angles of a sophisticated financial investor and as a wine lover and collector. Can't wait to see the portfolio grow in time and start delivering returns, I'm confident the wines selected will do well and that I'll learn a lot along the journey!"
Trusted customer | May 2023

"Excellent account managers who are helpful and knowledgeable, brilliant communications and efficient service for buying, transferring and bringing me first to market offers."
Rachyeta | Jan 2024

"I have been using Cru Wine for over four years now. What's compelled me to write this review is the consistent, responsive, professional and genuine customer service received from a number of their employees during this time. In any changing, and growing, industry you search for those you can trust. From what I can see is they're listening to customers and, quite honestly, putting the customer first."
FF | June 2023

Start your transfer today

Make the smart move for your wine investments today. Trust Cru Wine to safeguard and enhance your portfolio for the future.

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