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Many of our clients choose to sell their bonded wine through our expert fine wine team. Our brokering services are available through your Online Portal.

As a client of Cru Wine, you can benefit from our comprehensive exit strategy. If you are looking to release funds to invest back into your wine collection, or consolidating your cellar as your portfolio grows, our expert team are here to help you realise the value of your bonded collection in a simple and efficient process. We can advise on cellar management, including which stock to drink now and which to sell.

Our highly competitive, flat commission rate of 5% covers the full wine selling service, from advising on pricing, marketing your wine to a global audience, transferring it to the new owners and ensuring the net proceeds are securely transferred to your account. With decades of experience, the team understand the conditions of the fine wine market and will work proactively to guarantee a prompt, stress-free service.

If you would like to sell your wine, you can get started online on your account page or speak with your Account Manager.

If you are not a current client at Cru Wine and have questions about selling wine, which you have stored in-bond with another merchant, our team is here to offer support and advice. Please fill in this form and a member of the team will contact you with more information. Please note that we can only accept wines that are stored in-bond in a bonded warehouse to ensure provenance, we currently do not accepted duty paid wines stored at home.

Contact our Fine Wine Broking Team

Please fill out the form below and a member of the team will contact you with more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about selling wine

Yes. We charge a 5% selling fee and remit the rest of the proceeds to you following the sale.

No, only wines stored in bond are eligible to sell through Cru Wine.

We do not accept wines which have been moved out of bond and have been stored at home or in a personal cellar.

Yes, but only if these wines have been purchased through Cru Wine.

Yes, if they are stored in a recognised bonded warehouse in the UK. However, this is conditional on their transfer and safe receipt into LCB Eton Park under Cru Wine prior to the wines being listed and that the condition of the wines is as agreed and suitable for resale. If you have wine stored in another UK bonded warehouse and would like to transfer your wines to us, please contact the team on [email protected]

Yes, if this bottle is held in bond and is in its original packaging (OWC or OCC).

The digital evolution of the fine wine market has meant greater efficiency and transparency of key information on which wines can be valued. The team will look at a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to, vintage quality, age, region, bottle condition, provenance, critical opinion, brand and market strength when valuing your wines. Each valuation will consider real-time market data so that you can be sure of receiving an accurate assessment of your collection.

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