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Ensure your wines are secure and stored at optimum conditions with Cru Wine.

At Cru Wine, we understand the importance of storing wine in perfect condition, which is why we offer our clients the ability to store their wines through our trusted and professional bonded warehouse.

Whether buying for investment or future drinking, it’s important that your wine is stored in an optimum storage environment for it to retain its value, immaculate provenance, and condition for when you are ready to pull the cork or sell on.

With our carefully selected partners, we can ensure that your wines are professionally stored, and your wine portfolio will keep its value in the long term. All wines stored with us are also insured at replacement value for your peace of mind.

Our partner warehouses provide the special treatment and optimum storage facilities that your wine portfolio deserves:


(15°C +/-2°C or 59°F +/-7°F) records of temperature on request.


Humidity control system within 70%-80%, light and vibration-free.


The secure warehouse is free from vibration, UV and daylight


Wines stored with Cru Wine will be under the ultimate in security protection measures at London City Bond, Eton Park.

Our Storage Rates

Cru Wine Limited offers its clients the first month of storage at no charge.

The first month period will start when the wine is physically landed in the bonded cellar and as such available for delivery.

You will be notified by Cru Wine Limited when your wines have landed and the first period has begun, alternatively you can view the current location of your wines in your online account (please contact your account manager for information on how to get access).

Wines stored through Cru Wine Limited on our Eton Park Account will have the following per case charge accrued monthly:
Charges are applied for each monthly period and are exclusive of VAT.

£0.10 per 75cl bottle per month

We don’t just store your wine. This also includes:

  • Allocation of a key account manager
  • Full insurance vs. replacement value and professional storage
  • Invitations to our events throughout Europe

You can request pictures and condition reports for £10 ex. VAT per case.

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