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Bonded Wine Storage

Our premium wine storage facilities are temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled and completely secure. Store your wine in bond with Cru Wine and rest assured that your investment will be protected.

Our Secure Wine Storage Services

As fine wine experts, we understand the crucial nature of storing wine in perfect condition. That’s why we offer private wine storage services through our professional bonded warehouse. Whether you are investing in wine or saving it for future consumption, you’ll know that its quality is being carefully preserved in our facilities.

With the help of our reputable storage partners, your wine will be held in an optimal environment to preserve its provenance, style, condition and value. Furthermore, all wines stored with us are insured at full replacement value, protected by 24-hour CCTV and are free from vibration, UV and daylight with bespoke temperature and humidity controls ideal for fine wine storage and maturation.

All this means that when you are ready to uncork or sell your wines, you can withdraw them with full confidence that their value is intact.

In summary, our bonded wine storage offers all of the following:


(15°C +/-2°C or 59°F +/-7°F) Temperature records available on request.


Humidity control system within 70%-80%, light and vibration-free.


The secure warehouse at LCB Eton Park is free from vibration, UV and daylight.


Full-time CCTV and alarm system, plus insurance for all bottles.

Cost of Wine Storage with Cru Wine

Cru Wine offers all clients their first month of wine storage at no charge. The first-month period will start when the wine has physically landed in the bonded cellar.

We will notify you when your wines have landed and the first period has begun. Additionally, you can view the current location of your wines through your online Cru Wine account (please contact your Account Manager if you are unsure of how to access this).

In terms of cost, unlike other storage services which can have complex pricing tiers, we have just one flat rate for all clients. After your first free month, storing wine with us will cost £0.11 per 75cl bottle per month (excluding VAT).

For your convenience, that works out to be:

  • £1.32 per 12-bottle case of wine per month
  • £15.84 per case per year

What else do you get with our Storage Services?

In addition to wine storage, you’ll also receive the following with our services:

  • Account Manager assigned to your portfolio
  • Full wine insurance against replacement value
  • Invitations to our events throughout Europe
  • Photos and condition reports available for £10 per case (excluding VAT)
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