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Alex Long


Alex’s journey into the wine industry really began when he moved to Australia to pursue an MBA in Wine Business at the University of Adelaide. Upon completing it, he spent the following 3 years split between working in several renowned wineries in the Barossa Valley and basking in the sun, though he’s still undecided on which is his true passion in life. Alex joined Cru Wine in early 2022, becoming the first member of the graduate scheme. Taking the opportunity to work directly with the B2B, purchasing and B2C teams, he’s become the ultimate utility player of Cru, being able to assist any department when called upon. Wine wise, his allegiance will always lie with the wines of Aus, though through exposure to some truly world class producers during the regularly occurring office tastings, he’s come to terms with the fact that other regions are not to be slept on, taking a particular liking to right-bank Bordeaux, as well as Oregon Pinot Noir. When he’s not at work, Alex spends his time staying active in the gym, enjoying the London food and drink scene or heading to the country to spend time with his family, and more importantly, the family dogs.

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