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We’re hiring – find out more about our graduate scheme

If you’re looking to kick-start your career then the wine industry is a fine place to start. We’re on the hunt for our next graduate to join us at Cru Wine HQ for 18 months with the opportunity to work with our Sales, Marketing and Logistics teams across a wide range of projects and campaigns. Find our more about the role and apply here.

To help you understand the role further, we caught up with our current Sales Associate Alex Long, who’s currently halfway through his programme with the company, to see how he’s getting on:

Why did you decide to apply for the graduate scheme here at Cru Wine?
After researching the company a bit further, it was evident to see the success they have had in such a relatively short amount of time, especially in an industry with some very well-established brands. As a result, it seemed the perfect place to get started in the business, seeming an ideal ground for learning as much as possible.

What made you want to explore the fine wine industry in the first place?
My journey in the wine industry is quite the rollercoaster! After working in a wine shop, following a completely unrelated Archaeology degree at university, I knew that I wanted to venture into wine further and expand my knowledge and skill set. I travelled to Australia where I studied an MBA in Wine Business, then took this newfound knowledge and worked in several wineries in Barossa Valley. However, my heart was set on the commercial side of the business rather than becoming a wine maker, and so I returned home after 4 years to pursue my passion.

What were you most excited to learn about in the graduate programme?
Mostly it was the chance to expand my commercial skills and experience with the fine wines of the world, rather than just focusing on one region which had made up the majority of my initial experience of the industry.

What aspect of the role have you enjoyed the most?
Having had the chance to really dive into every division of the business, I feel that’s extremely important when trying to learn as much as you can. In my opinion, becoming a “jack of all trades” as it were can never be a downside. Though there’s still far to go, my favourite aspect of the role I’ve been able to take part in has been on the purchasing side, by sourcing wines for the sales team. There’s just a satisfaction that comes from seeing a wine you’ve found do well and generate sales, to be that first part in the process has a nice feeling.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your time here?
Probably the importance of communication between teams. I’ve had countless situations where I’ve asked the same questions to different team members with different experiences and responsibilities and always come away being able to look at the problem, and therefore the solution, from several points of view. It’s an incredibly useful skill to have, especially in an industry with a product with such variability like wine.

What’s been your favourite moment?
Hard to choose just the one! I’d probably have to say the various industry tastings that I’ve managed to go to. I’ve never had the opportunity to experience as many top producers in one place.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone applying for the graduate programme?
Probably to go in open to everything, as its such a unique opportunity to work in every aspect of the fine wine trade. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ask as many questions as you can and make the most of the experience!

If you’re interested in applying for our Graduate Scheme you can find out more on our LinkedIn page. Please send your CV and covering letter on why you’d like to work at Cru Wine to Elisa Locati at [email protected]

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