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Château Margaux


An estate with an illustrious history, Château Margaux’s origins can be traced back to the 16th century, and towards the turn of the 17th century it was already beginning to make its name known as one of the finest clarets around. However it was in 1855 where its status for magnificence was cemented. The Emperor Napoléon III organized the Second Universal Exhibition which led to the formation of the hierarchical system which is still in place today. Of the four growths classified as “Premier Grand Cru Classé”; only Margaux was marked twenty out of twenty. This ability to outclass its fellow first growths, can still be witnessed today. The Château on the property is one of the grandest in all of the Médoc and is a rare example of the neo-palladian style in France. It has been owned by the Mentzenopoulos family since 1977, who managed to turn the fortunes of the property around when it was badly affected by the recession in the 1970s. The estate has 82 hectares under vine, and unusually for Margaux, they also produce two white wines, Pavillon Blanc and Pavillon Blanc Second Vin made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

What sets Château Margaux apart

For the last forty years, the estate has consistently produced outstanding wines known for their elegance, complexity, and distinctive perfume. Château Margaux stands out for its legacy of winemaking excellence, with each bottle celebrated for its depth and elegance, including the highly regarded second wines. If you’re exploring the value behind Château Margaux wine prices or considering an online purchase, you’ll discover that every bottle embodies the estate’s commitment to quality. Explore our collection to discover the essence of Château Margaux’s winemaking. Check out our offers and immerse yourself in the heritage that sets Château Margaux apart in the world of fine wine.

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