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Château Pichon Baron


Back in 1987, the insurance company AXA decided to enter the wine business and purchased Château Pichon Baron which was in need of investment. AXA saw the outstanding potential of the property and realised that it was an opportunity too good to miss. The Château was restored, machine-harvesting was ended, and over the years the size of the vineyards has been increased. More importantly, quality has improved swiftly, and now once again truly excellent wines are being produced – even in tougher vintages.

What makes Château Pichon Baron special?

Since ’87, when AXA stepped in, Château Pichon Baron has been on an upward trajectory. Under the direction of Christian Seely, quality has never been higher than it is today, partly thanks to ever more rigorous selection in the vineyard. This acclaimed Super Second now produces some of Bordeaux’s most sought-after wines and is highly recognisable by its stunning Renaissance-style chateau. The standout? Their Grand Vin, drawing from the estate’s oldest vines to create a wine that’s rich with black fruit and hints of graphite, maturing beautifully as the years roll by. Check out our latest offers below and discover the exceptional wines of Château Pichon Baron for yourself.

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