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Cru Wine Investment Webinar – Q1 2022 Market Update

Join Cru Wine’s investment team Rosti Petrov and Jen Ford as they look back at the impressive market performance of 2021 and highlight some trends we expect to see in the market for 2022.

Jen took us through the wine market journey in 2021, highlighting the trending regions and picking out some key movements in Burgundy, Champagne and the growing potential in California.

“California is entering its golden years. After rising 23% last year and armed with the most 100 point scores awarded to any wine region, it is set for significant growth on the global market.”

Rosti also discussed a few of our key producers across Burgundy and introduced our listeners to Harlan Estate, a cult name in California.

Cru Wine also discussed our personalised approach to wine investment and answered some important questions about portfolios, starting your investment journey and opened the floor for questions from attendees.

Figures and processes were correct at time of webinar and may now be outdated. If you have any questions or require the latest figures please contact us.

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