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What to Know about Purchasing Vintage Wine

There is no better time than now to start amassing a fine wine collection. While this may be an interesting feat, not everyone knows where to start and how to do things properly. After all, there are various factors to consider when buying and collecting the finest wines from all over the world. 

If you want to buy wine for both pleasure and investment, keep in mind that not all wines are good investments. As such, read on to discover everything about purchasing and collecting collectable and vintage fine wine.

Understanding “Collectable” as A Concept

A wise collector buys wines that they enjoy drinking, ensuring that they will be able to enjoy the bottles even if the investment fails. However, if you can find the perfect wine pairing for you and others, your wine collection will last as long as your palate. 

Collectable wines are traded on the secondary market and gain value over time. 

Storage, cataloguing, and insurance are costs associated with collecting wine, whereas shipping and commissions are costs associated with selling wine. 

Take, for example, historically prosperous regions. 

Finding wines with a sizable secondary market and the potential for quality and value improvement over time is not an accident. Simply cast your gaze back in time. The traditional wine regions of Western Europe produce wines with heritage, brand strength, and age-worthiness. 

Bordeaux is an obvious choice because it combines longevity and liquidity. 

However, winemakers all over the world have honed their craft, and collectable bottles are now widely available. 

Purchase Fine Wine In Bulk Together with Others

Only 500 of the world’s over two million wine producers make wines that are worth investing in. A good investment wine will range in price between $150 and $200 per bottle. Buy wines from well-known regions, but keep an eye out for deals from emerging regions. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, so buy wines you enjoy and try new wines you might not normally buy. 

Choose a Selection by Experts

So, what would our experts say if they had to name the most collectable wines on the market right now? 

The world’s best burgundies are in short supply, and prices have already skyrocketed. Vintage Port is the most affordable option, as sweet fortified wines have fallen out of favour in recent years. 

Purchase from Reputable Retailers

Fine and rare wines should only be purchased from reputable sources. If you don’t know where to start, Wine-Searcher and Vinfolio are two websites that aggregate wine offers to find the best deals. While auctions are an option, keep in mind that they raise the bid by 20-25%. 

As you expand your knowledge and experience of encountering fine wines, you can move forward with building a stronger network with fellow wine lovers all over the world. But for now, while you take baby steps, the two aforementioned websites that can help you find a good deal are Wine Market Journal and Wine-Searcher. 

Invest in a 3-Tier Wine Cellar

If you enjoy wine and want to get the most out of your investment, consider building a three-tiered cellar. 

  • Tier 1: Consistently consumed wines. These will be less expensive because they are intended to be consumed. 

  • Tier 2: Wines that have the potential to increase in value while remaining reasonably priced. 

  • Tier 3: Wines that are worth investing in. They should be aged for several years before being consumed or sold. 

While investing in a three-tier wine cellar could be a splurge, note that you could still assess the parameters of your needs and preferences. Perhaps you could start with something small, and maintain that. On the other hand, you could also invest in a bigger and more sophisticated wine cellar if your space and finances allow it. There is no right or wrong!

Purchase Fine Wine in Bulk

Consider buying wine in cases (up to twelve bottles), storing the bottles inside, and buying a bottle or two of each to enjoy and age. It adds value to keeping the wine in its original case. If you buy in bulk, make sure you are aware of the drinking window so that you can consume or sell the wine before it reaches its peak. 

Conduct Further Research Before Making a Purchase 

In France, wines are frequently sold en primeur or as futures. These wines were harvested and barrel-aged for at least two years. Investing in wine futures takes time and research to learn about the producer’s reputation, pricing history, and potential vintage quality. 

With crucial information about the production and the storage of fine wines, you must then make sure that you learn more and do your own research. Note that fine wine could be expensive, which is why you must be smart about making a choice or two (or more). This way, you could enjoy every drop.

Enjoying Every Sip

There are many points to explore when it comes to selecting, purchasing, and buying fine wine. With that said, we have picked up anecdotes from our favourite wine critics. These summarize the most important aspects of wine purchasing, in their expert opinion:

  • A wine collection is frequently regarded as a source of pride. While some people buy wine with the intention of investing in it and reselling it, others buy it to enjoy at different stages of maturity. 

  • Wine collecting is also a social activity because it allows you to share it with friends. 

More Information to Know

Storage, cataloguing, and insurance are costs associated with collecting wine, whereas shipping and commissions are costs associated with selling wine. 

Furthermore, secondary buyers value a very specific type of wine for a variety of reasons. 

The Delectable Taste of Aging Fine Wine

Wine collecting can be played out quickly or slowly, depending on your lifestyle, finances, and access to resources. It’s fun to collect and enjoy rare young wines that are best consumed soon after they’re released. Now, don’t hesitate to give yourself the time to be satisfied!

If you want to know more about buying wine as an investment, Cru Wine is here to offer support and guidance for your fine wine journey. Give us a call today to learn more!

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