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Why You Should Add Organic Wines to Your Collection

Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes. However, every country has its own specific standards for what constitutes organic. In most cases, the growers don’t use any artificial chemicals during the growing process.‌

H‌ere’s why organic wines might be the better choice for you:

1. They Weren’t Exposed to Artificial Chemicals

The biggest benefit to organic wines is that they don’t come into contact with any artificial chemicals during the growing process. This purity level influences the terroir of the wine and directly impacts its flavour.

To this end, organic wines, compared to their conventional counterparts, consistently score higher in flavour and purity due mainly to their lack of exposure to chemicals.

2. They’re Good for the Environment

Organic wines are also better for the environment. While the production of wine isn’t as bad for the environment as some other industries, it isn’t precisely as benign as some would think. Many non-organic wines are made with genetically modified grapes, which is a practice that has been proven to disrupt the local ecosystem in ways that are not yet fully understood.

Additionally, like in farming, pesticides are frequently used to combat the vineyard pests that threaten a good harvest. Pesticides are also widely cited as an environmental risk, as they can seep into the soil and water that supply the vines.

However, since organic wines aren’t exposed to such chemicals, they don’t risk the environment.

3. They Taste Better‌

Organic wines are undeniably better than non-organic wines. The difference comes down to the purity of the product. While non-organic wines are exposed to artificial chemicals, organic wines are not. This is reflected in their flavours and aromas. 

When non-organic wines are exposed to chemicals, their natural flavours and aromas are usually altered. On the other hand, organic wines retain their natural flavours and aromas. The difference is immediately noticeable in the glass and even more so with time.

4. They’re Better for Your Health‌

Non-organic wines are typically loaded with chemicals and pesticides, which have negative impacts on the human body. Not only are these chemicals unsafe, but they also come with a taste that most of us find to be unpleasant.

Organic wines don’t have these problems. Since they’re made without chemicals, they don’t pose any threat to the drinker’s health.

5. They Have a Longer Shelf Life

Organic wines won’t oxidise as quickly as non-organic ones. This means that you can store them for more extended periods and still enjoy them as-is.

What’s more, since organic wines don’t have any chemical preservatives in them, they’ll taste better as time goes on. Not all wines have this benefit, and some are best enjoyed as soon as possible, but organic wines are different.

In a nutshell, organic wines are better than non-organic wines, but not by a considerable margin. For example, some of the most popular and widely loved red wines are conventional, including many of the most expensive wines in the world.

However, organic wines are the better choice for most people, especially those who want to avoid artificial chemicals and pesticides. These wines will not only taste better but will also be better for your health and the environment.

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