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What Makes Burgundy a Delectable Wine Choice Around the World?

Delicious and decadent, wine is as dynamic as its colourful history spanning centuries and beyond borders. Every sip can bring out the nuances of every kind of wine, going from darker, richer, and more structured flavour profiles to lighter, tangier, and sweeter alternatives. 

Different wineries, ingredients, and the way wine was made with artisanal craftsmanship can influence how the wine tastes in the end, but one of the all-time perennial choices across the world is Burgundy. 

One of the oldest wine regions in the world, Burgundy wines have garnered a global following as connoisseurs have come to know the unique attributes that set it apart from other wines in the same category. But what makes Burgundy a pleasant experience to one’s taste buds? 

A Taste of Burgundy Wine: What Underlying Notes Make It Unique and a Universal Favourite? 

Fresh and tangy, the French Burgundy wines combine old-world European culture, heritage, and tradition. The French region produces some of the highest quality wine that sommeliers, professional tasters, and wine enthusiasts are often very picky with. 

But it’s not just about the French, for Burgundy comes in different styles and tastes, depending on which area it’s from and how it was made. With its bold, rich taste and high acidity, Burgundy is a wine that is no stranger to those who enjoy savouring it. 

How is Burgundy Wine Made and What Are the Different Types You Should Try?

Less known than champagne but appreciated and prized by wine lovers all over the globe, Burgundy is a type of red or white wine made using the same grapes and techniques as champagne. The wine is best known for its unique, refined, and complex flavour profile and colour, making it a byword for high-quality red wines. 

Unlike other wines that are best consumed within a certain period, many people can enjoy a glass of burgundy wine even after it has been stored for years, thanks to its high level of acidity that keeps the wine fresh and allows it to develop and refine over the years.

The different types of burgundy wine you’ll find on the market today make it a meaningful experience for one’s palate. Here are some of the best types of burgundy wine you can start with:


A prevalent choice among wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs, Chablis is a fragrant white burgundy wine made with Chardonnay grapes. Its fruity profile has a distinct taste and feels, making it an excellent option for those who want to lighten up their wine-drinking experience. Chablis also has a decent amount of acidity and alcohol, making it a perfect wine to pair with a meal or to enjoy on its own.

Pinot Noir

If you’re looking for a burgundy wine that’s dark and rich in taste, then Pinot Noir is undoubtedly one of your best choices. With a complex and unique flavour profile, this type of wine is often fermented for the longest time, allowing it to acquire a bolder kick to it, but with a sweet touch to round out the experience. 


Bour is a red sparkling burgundy wine that combines Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, using red and white grapes, respectively. The wine is light and bubbly, fragile but appealing taste and flavour.


As a white wine, Chardonnay is often seen as a versatile option that is great for pairing with many dishes. The wine is mellow with a smooth finish, perfect for those who prefer to drink white wine but still want to enjoy that structure and body of red wine. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Wonders of Burgundy Wine

Burgundy has a long history, making it a meaningful and vital contribution to the world of wine. However, it’s not just about the history and the legacy behind this wine that makes it special, but it’s also the taste and nuances of the burgundy wine that give it that alluring taste. 

With its unique structure and body that other wines don’t possess, Burgundy is not only a great choice for wine enthusiasts but for anyone who wants to learn more about wine as a whole.

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