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Classy Christmas Food to Consider Pairing with Your Wine

It’s the season of frequent dinner parties and festive drinks yet again. Being a host and getting a delectable plate together for your loved ones is on top of every person’s priority. However, it can be a bit of a frenzy when the date fast approaches, and you’re still clueless about which meal pairs well with a certain wine.

Is it the white meat that goes well with red wine? Or was it white wine? What if a vegetarian or vegan acquaintance is coming to your party? Do any of your bottles go well with some chocolate desserts, or will you need to scratch your whole plan for the sweets that night?

Obviously, you want to make a strong impression and show that you have the reputation of a wine connoisseur with the highest understanding of which tastes go well together. It’d be ideal to order different varieties of wine before you go ahead and prep a day before the get-together. Each bottle has a long shelf life as is, and it’ll likely be all gone before Christmas ends anyway.

If you’re considering what Christmas food to pair with your wine, here are some suggestions:


Nothing pairs better with wine than a good well-packed cheeseboard. Your guests are sure to enjoy themselves, so long as you put together the ideal style of cheese that will bring out the best flavours of your wine and vice versa.

Chunks of blue cheese may not sound so tasty, but putting it together with a sweet red wine such as a glass of vintage port, or a decadent sweet white from Sauternes is such a good experience. White wines like chardonnay will taste better with some gruyere cheese, but take a taste test as it depends on age.

Main Course

As a general rule, red meat cuts such as turkey, steak, lamb, beef, and more go best with red wine. That isn’t to say that white meat cuts will never taste good with red wine, but chicken and all types of seafood are more or less reserved for your champagne and other white wines.

The main course and the wine to go with it will depend on how the dish is prepared. Thus, offer two different entrees with different meats and have various bottles of wine ready. Add a third option for your veggie-loving friends by utilising vegan meat and a selection of vegetables.


Many will likely linger around the table as everyone becomes more enthralled by the stories of one another. As a host, it’s important to serve different snacks and finger foods that people can munch on while talking and listening.

You can take different cuts of the meat scraps from the prep work and offer them on a plate to repurpose them. Crackers are also a safe bet that would go well with just about any glass of wine, though the younger ones may try stealing them.

Crisps and nuts are also an absolute winner with wine, as the saltiness tones down the wines acidity and enhances the fruity flavours.


Finally, as the meal comes to a conclusion, end things on a good note through a delectable dessert. Even if people seem full, many actually look forward to what you’re going to give with the wine they’ve been sipping through the experience.

Some may opt to swap out the bottle with a chilled sparkling wine instead alongside some Christmas puddings and mousse. Certain desserts, especially those containing caramel and chocolate, can be a little heavy on the tongue. It’s best to contrast it with a lighter wine instead.

Putting together a classy Christmas dinner can be a bit of work, but it’s all worth it when you see the satisfaction on the faces of people you want to please and impress. On the off-chance that there is leftover wine, there’s always the end of year and New Years celebrations to plan for.

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