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Cru Wine ranked 105 fastest growing company in Europe

Cru Wine Limited is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Financial Times list of the European’s fastest growing companies in 2020. We have been ranked No.105 out of 1000!

The fourth annual list showed faster-than-ever growth among the top players in Europe, created in partnership with the research firm Statista and composed of the companies that contribute most to economic growth. To entry, companies needed a minimum 2015-18 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.3% compared with 37.7% last year. A new high signifying a unique look at the most successful companies at a perilous and unpredictable time. The publication reports that despite economic concerns in several countries, their findings suggest ‘the most nimble and innovative companies are thriving.’

London remained Europe’s top growth city, according to the list, with 83 companies, almost 20 more than last year. Indeed, the UK start-up sector appeared relatively immune to the negativity around Brexit that has weighed on larger companies. In these out of ordinary times where there is so much economic uncertainty, risk, and pain, the ability to generate new business is arguably more important than ever before. As a rapidly scaling firm, it is a privilege for Cru Wine Limited to be recognised alongside so many remarkable companies.

Although the FTSE 100, Stoxx Europe 600 and Dow Jones indices all recently witnessed sharp plunges and the biggest quarterly or daily losses they ever witnessed as a result of global government reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic, the wine market has been ‘positively dull’. Prices for fine wine were relatively stable when viewed against mainstream financial assets, with the Liv-ex 100 index registering the same monthly fall (1.1%) as Gold, affirming its ‘safe haven’ status.

Since its foundation in 2013, Cru Wine Limited outperformed each year and has always been able to show record levels of revenue growth thanks to its talented team. The firm’s ranking demonstrates our asset when compared to other investment firms that have been strewn with volatility theses past months

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