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The Best Food Choices to Pair with Your Bordeaux Wines

Known as one of the most popular wine regions in the world, Bordeaux has been attracting wine enthusiasts since ancient Roman times. It is not only home to the most sought-after wines but also a significant cultural location of French wine laws and traditional red wines. 

True enough, Bordeaux boasts a wide variety of wines, from fruity or crispy whites to luxurious or bold reds. Although the region can be quite intimidating for beginners who want to experience its incredible wine offerings, there are a few pointers when it comes to food pairings you will not regret trying out. 

Read our guide below and get ready to reach culinary heaven with these delicious foods you can enjoy with Bordeaux wines!


If you are having a relaxed alfresco lunch with friends, charcuterie is a perfect choice. Cold meats tend to have a lighter texture and salty freshness. This makes them ideal for wines with fruity notes that will smoothly complement the savoury flavour of meats. 

For this pairing, you may want to consider a Merlot, which is less bold than a Cabernet Sauvignon. The Blaye region, situated on the Gironde river’s right bank, is home to the best Merlot and other young wines. You can also try pairing your charcuterie with a crispy white since it naturally balances the smoky taste of meats. 


Bordeaux has some of the most delicious crispy and grassy whites, such as the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Their delicate flavours make them a great partner for risotto, a creamy dish with an elegant taste you do not want to overpower. To complete your meal, we recommend finding a bottle from Pessac Leognan, a region known for its well-rounded white wines meant for risotto. 

Roast Chicken

This dish has a full flavour and a soft texture that you do not want to drown out with a bold wine variety. This is why a Merlot from Saint Emilion may still be a great choice for combining the rich meaty taste with fruity ones. 

In addition to Saint Emilion, its neighbour Pomerol also offers a selection of the most exquisite wines with smoothness and character that you will not find anywhere else. 


Ah, the ever-fresh yet elegant spotlight of any dinner table! For a lush salmon dish, Bordeaux rosés are your go-to beverage. They tend to be drier and have a richer fruit flavour than the ones in Provence.

Rosés from Bordeaux also pair well with other types of food, such as cheeses, pasta, salads, and spicy dishes. But, they are especially incredible with seafood, which makes a salmon and rosé combination heavenly. If you are dining with sashimi or ceviche salmon, you can enjoy it with a pale rosé that will marry perfectly with the dish’s freshness. On the other hand, pan-fried or seared salmon has a bold flavour that a weightier rosé can stand up to. 


When it comes to red meats, feel free to be adventurous with your choice of wine. The best beverage for your steak will be a Cabernet Sauvignon produced from the gravelly soils of the Gironde’s left bank. This wine boasts a bold blackcurrant flavour and lots of tannins. Pairing a rich wine with your dish is important to balance the meaty taste that can sometimes be overwhelming. 

While Bordeaux may be most famous for its bold red wines, it also takes pride in offering an incredible variety of other wine types. If you are an enthusiast looking for your next culinary adventure or simply a tourist on the hunt for an exquisite and memorable wine experience, try any of our pairings above to have a great time at Bordeaux.

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