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Our Ultimate Guide to Champagne and Food Pairings

When celebrating momentous milestones and big events, one of the best drinks to serve to your guests is champagne. Best served chilled, Champagne is best suited for different celebrations, thanks to its impressive and elegant aesthetic, blended with rich and indulgent flavours and hues.

Seeing as Champagne and celebrations go hand in hand, it’s only right that you pair the correct bottle with your menu, right? Trust us—it’s more than just the visual appeal you’re going for here. When you pair the right Champagne with the perfect food, you’ll get to bring out the nuances of your drink and enjoy the beautiful marriage of flavours in your palate.

If you have a bottle of vintage Champagne waiting to be opened up and enjoyed, it’s best to have some food ready that will best suit its flavour profile. With that said, we’ll dig a bit deeper into Champagne and food pairings, so you can serve your drinks the right way.

Pairing Food With Your Champagne

Many people think that sparkling wine must be served alone, but that’s far from true. Sparkling wines are so versatile that it helps enrich the dining experience of your guests, especially when paired thoughtfully with the right dish.

Rosé Champagne

Thankfully, Champagne lovers have created food-friendly Champagne and versions of the traditional Rosé Champagne over the years. This vintage champagne is best served with meat that has Pinot Noir as its secret ingredient. 

With the right food pairing, this Champagne enhances the deep and rich flavours of your steaks and meat of choice, allowing your palate to be both cleansed and renewed with every bite.

Seafood and Champagne

If you’re serving seafood as part of your menu, consider having Blanc de Blancs Champagnes. This is because this drink offers fantastic citric notes that compliment seafood’s natural flavours. Consider pairing this fantastic wine with lobsters or oysters, so you can marvel at its rich, salty flavours.

Cheese and Champagne

A Pinot Noir Champagne will work perfectly with cheese. This will allow you to feel the wine’s soft and creamy notes, especially with the help of its subtle acidity. Of course, it’s worth talking to experts to ensure you’re choosing the right wine to pair with the cheese of your choice.

Trust us—when you choose the best champagne to go with your cheese, it’ll be a simple yet mind blowing gastronomical experience.

Chicken and Champagne

If you’re looking for a salient and delicious pairing, one can’t go wrong with fried chicken and Champagne. The great thing about this is that you can enhance the flavours by adding delicious side dishes and pickled peppers to bring out the rich flavours and it will be beautifully complemented by the sparkly, citric profile of Champagnes.

The Bottom Line: It’s Worth Knowing How to Pair Champagnes with Food

No matter how you put it, champagne and food pairing is a significant part of the dining experience. So, if you have a vintage champagne bottle waiting to shine, it’s best to give it the proper spotlight and pair it with the right food that will bring out its unique characteristics.

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