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Here Are Some of the Must-Try Red Wine and Food Pairings

Finding the best food to pair with your wine may be difficult. While there are some suggested pairings, such as white wine being the best dessert wine or red wine being perfect for red meat, it all boils down to taste. How one enjoys wine depends solely on their own tastebuds and what tickles their fancy. 

With that being said, however, there are still some amazing red wine and food pairings that you must not miss out on. Read on below to learn more about them.

Beef Bourguignon and Burgundy 

What better way to eat beef bourguignon than with a wine that is already found in its sauce? The red sauce in the famous beef bourguignon often has burgundy for the reason that it masks the strong flavour of the meat. This gives it an acidic taste that one can easily enjoy.

Pairing this dish with the wine itself may sound a little redundant, but because the wine is not strong enough in the dish, it actually emphasises the dish. However, the burgundy must be strong in taste. Otherwise, it will be overshadowed by the sauce in the beef bourguignon.

Burger and Malbec

Most people may not think to eat a burger with wine. In the case that they do, a lighter wine is chosen to strike a balance with the juicy burger. However, a malbec is found to be a perfect choice.

Its acidity and fruity notes both complement and strike a balance between the greasiness and heavy taste of a burger. If your burger has tomatoes and pickles, the malbec also has the hint of sweetness to balance out the sour flavours of your burger.

Red Sauce and Sangiovese 

Some people may think that red sauce with red wine could be overwhelming and empowering on the taste buds, but it is the opposite. As long as you have selected the right wine, red sauce with red wine is a heavenly combination,

Sangiovese, which can come in different flavours, but is dominantly sweet and fruity, is perfect for the acidic red sauce. The spices will be emphasised even more with the sweeter taste of the Sangiovese, allowing the consumer to enjoy the perfect balance between the pair.

Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

This iconic pair is known well throughout the world, with some dubbing it as the perfect food combination. The charred taste of the steak is strengthened by the cabernet sauvignon’s light, but empowering taste.

However, this strong, fruity taste that comes out from nowhere does not overwhelm the tastebuds. Rather, it almost feels like it preps it for the juiciness that is about to come from the steak.

Port and Stilton

The stilton is a pungent and creamy blue cheese that can be salty if consumed alone. This is why it needs to be paired with something that is on the sweeter side—and what could be better than port.

Port wine is more sugary and sweet than most wine, making it the perfect dessert wine. It matches with the sweetness of most desserts, but mostly, it is perfect for the saltiness of the cheese. Stilton is perfect because it is heavier in texture and has a strong salty taste.

How you choose your wine and what you pair it with still depends on you. However, the food pairings mentioned above are must-tries for you to enjoy when you have the chance. The best way to enjoy a great bottle of wine is with the perfect food pairing.

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