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5 Ways to Pair Spicy Cuisine with Different Types of Wines

Wine is a versatile drink people can pair with almost anything. From a fresh ocean catch to various cheese delicacies, the drink seems to never go out of style. But for foods that require an acquired taste, does wine still partner with them well?

As many people think of a refreshing mug of beer paired with spicy cuisine, it seems like wine doesn’t stand a chance against the alcoholic staple in every meal. But for some reason, there are various types of wines that make a good pairing with spicy foods for an extra, fiery taste.

1. Tangy, Sour, and Fruity

If your favourite wine is red, then getting a tangy, sour, or fruity taste with your meal is a revelation. If you’re into the taste of fruits like lychee, passion fruit, and blueberry, you can taste the sour and fruity notes of the wine.

The idea of pairing tangy, sour, and fruity variations of wine gives the tongue an illusion that the food taken is not as spicy as the palette thought. Therefore, it’s best to pair sweet-tasting or sour-tasting wines with spicy dishes to counteract the burning sensation experienced through flaming-hot dishes.

2. Sweet and Savoury

Sweet and savoury is a common type of wine pairing with spicy foods. The sweetness and saltiness present in the wine can cut some of the intensity of the spice. As a result, people eating meals infused with chillies or other herbs with a kick shouldn’t feel as much heat or burning sensation as they usually would.

In theory, sweet wines typically pair well with Asian cuisine. The kick and heat coming from the Asian herbs and spices paired with the saltiness or savouriness of the dishes make the two components burst with flavour. 

3. Sharp, Ripe, and Fruity

The partnership between the acidic flavours of some wines and the acidity found in some meals can sometimes produce a love-hate relationship in food pairings. In theory, pairing acid with another acid either balances out the taste or leaves both flavours bland in the end.

Therefore, pairing sharp, ripe, and fruity wine flavours with spicy foods should further elevate the dish’s taste due to the acidity brought by the wine itself. As a result, the flavours of the wine are more balanced with the food rather than overpowered.

4. Rose Tastes

Although the Rose variant of wines seems the most harmless due to its sweet taste, it has a higher alcohol content than the other variants available in the market. With a stunning 12 per cent saturation, it is a classic pairing with spicy cuisine to balance out the kick in meals.

In theory, alcohol cancels out capsaicin which is responsible for the irritation and burning sensation a person’s mouth experiences while eating spicy food. Therefore, pairing a high-alcohol content drink with spicy foods should make the experience more enjoyable and bearable. Instead of drinking milk, maybe we should all get a glass of Rose next time.

5. Dry, Sparkling, and Fruity

For those looking for a dry wine, the sparkly, fruity ones are a great pairing with spicy foods. It provides the same sensation from the wine texture, but the fruity taste cuts the spiciness.

Wine Glasses Up!

Exploring various cuisines will always be good with a glass of wine nearby. The versatile drink from fermented grapes sure does wonders to elevate people’s palettes in different ways. However, always remember to drink responsibly, even if it’s advised to drink at least a glass of wine every day.

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