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Q4 2021 Review – Fine Wine Market Report

Q4 Summary

Fine wine, again, asserted its resilience and brilliance, breaking records at the end of 2021.

It was the year for Champagne, as the region led the market performance by a wide margin, followed by Burgundy which has made a spectacular comeback.

Our outlook for fine wine in 2022 remains favourable, as the economic backdrop and ongoing inflation are supportive for further growth.

The increasing pressure on supply, given increasingly smaller harvests in regions, is another key factor at play. Existing availability of the most sought producers is dwindling and there is not enough being produced to replace it. Yet demand is as strong as ever, driving pricing up further.

Market Update on our Investment Webinar

Our investment team took us through the wine market journey in 2021 on our most recent Cru Wine Investment Webinar, highlighting the trending regions and picking out some key movements in Burgundy, Champagne and the growing potential in California.

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