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Our broking team is available to value your collection and provide brokering advice

If an in-depth assessment of your private cellar collection is required, our knowledgeable and experienced buying team at Cru Wine can offer a full wine valuation service for personal, legal and/or insurance purposes.

Using in-depth market insight, we will provide you with a break-down of what each of your wines is currently worth, with full transparency on our commission rates.

The digital evolution of the fine wine market has meant greater efficiency and transparency of key information on which wines can be valued. The team will look at a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to, vintage quality, age, region, bottle condition, provenance, critical opinion, brand and market strength when valuing your wines. Each valuation will consider real-time market data so that you can be sure of receiving an accurate assessment of your collection.

On completion of the valuation, we offer the two following options to you:

  • Buying your collection outright for an agreed total.
  • Upon agreeing a selling price, we can broker your collection on your behalf, using our vast global network of clients and suppliers to sell your wine efficiently within an agreed timescale.
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Written Agreement

Written Agreement

If you do decide to sell your wine to Cru Wine using either of the above options, a written agreement will be sent to you to review and to sign. You will subsequently be provided with a signed copy by the company CEO Gregory Swartberg, to retain for your records.



The next step will be to instruct the transfer of your wine to our bonded cellars if you hold them in a different bonded storage account. Otherwise, if you would like us to collect your wine from a private UK address, we can provide you with a collection fee quote. If your fine wine collection is located abroad, we can provide you with a shipping quote.

Cellar Valuation Condition Check

Condition Check

On arrival into our bonded cellars, your wine will undergo a full condition check by our staff. On completion of the inspection, the agreed funds will be transferred to your preferred bank account within seven working days.



If you have opted to broker your wine, upon satisfactory inspection of your wines, we will send you the full payment for any wine sold within 30 days from the date of sale. You will not be charged any storage fees whilst the wine is held in our bonded cellars. If after an agreed period, some wine remains unsold, we can review the minimum selling price. We will always endeavour to help you sell your wine at the best possible price.

As anyone passionate about fine wine will appreciate, good provenance and storage are essential when it comes to the value of a wine, therefore if you could please provide this information from the outset, this will enable us to make an accurate valuation on your behalf.

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