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spaghetti and wine

Spaghetti and Wine: A Perfect Match Made in Taste Heaven

When you think about food that pairs well with wine, you may think of high-end food like steaks or lobsters. However, one dish that you can pair well with wine is spaghetti. With many types of wine, there is also a type of spaghetti to match. If you are curious about these pairings, you can continue reading to learn more.

Things to Consider When Matching Spaghetti and Wine

Before you can go and eat your spaghetti with wine, you need to understand first what certain factors affect the matching of spaghetti and wine. Below are some of the things you need to consider:

1. Your Sauce is the Game Changer

Regardless of what type of pasta you use, what really matters is the sauce. It is the sauce that you use that will change how it matches the wine. So try to remember what goes into your sauce, and you will have an idea of what wine you may need to pair it with.

2. Factor in the Type of Sauce

As mentioned above, the sauce is what matters the most in this combination. Most of the time red, meaty sauce often goes well with red wine. Meanwhile, olive or cream-based sauces pair well with white wine. However, there may also be exceptions to these rules as it is still on a case-by-case basis.

3. Watch Out for Acidity

Before you go and grab any red wine with your tomato-based pasta, you may also want to check the acidity of the wine. For red sauce pastas, the higher the acidity of the red wine, the better it would be. On the other hand, pasta with cream or olive oil sauces need lighter wines with lower acidity.

4. Consider the Body of the Wine

Light-bodied wines are perfect with the lighter tastes of tomato-based sauces. Meanwhile, cream-based sauces are in need of the heavy bodies of white wine to be consistent with the feeling it carries.

The Perfect Spaghetti and Wine Pairing

Now that we have discussed the notable things that affect how well a bottle of wine pairs with spaghetti, we now consider those factors in the suggestion list we have listed below. Below are some notable spaghetti and wine combinations that you may want to try out on your next date night.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Pinot Noir

Spaghetti carbonara has a creamy sauce that is rich and can be a little heavy. In addition to the sauce made of eggs and cheese, it also has bits of pancetta or bacon, which makes it a little salty.

With how rich carbonara is, you would want to get a wine that has a light level of acidity. This makes the Pinot Noir a perfect pair for carbonara. It has the right level of acidity with fruity notes, offsetting the savoury and heavy taste of carbonara. Its lighter taste complements the carbonara perfectly and does not overpower it. Rather, it balances it out. 

If you prefer white wine, a good alternative is a Chardonnay. However, Chardonnays are a little more light-bodied than Pinot Noir, which could be a bit more opposing to Carbonara.

Spaghetti and Meatballs With Chianti

Spaghetti and meatballs has a rich and meaty sauce that is full of herbs and spices. The richness of the sauce can get a little heavy for some people’s taste, which is why it is perfect to pair with Chianti. Chianti is a red wine with a high level of acidity, complementing the tomato sauce and the spices. Additionally, Chianti has tannins that can cut through the rich and meaty taste of the meatballs. Chianti will cleanse your palate after every bite.

Spaghetti and Pesto Sauce With Chardonnay

Pesto sauce has a very nutty and herby taste. While it may not be as rich as meaty sauces, it has a strong taste that stays in your mouth, which could be unpleasant if paired with the wrong drink. It is best to pair it with a drink that is in the similar taste range with it. Chardonnay has a nutty and oaky taste that pairs well with vegetable and herby dishes.

If you prefer to go with red wine, Pinot Noir is a great option. However, Pinot Noir has a fuller taste, which could easily overpower the pesto sauce.

Spaghetti Fra Diavolo With Sparkling Rosé

The Fra Diavolo is a pasta with red sauce. However, it is not the usual meaty or rich red sauce one would think. Instead, it is a sharp and spicy red sauce. While it is not too strong of a taste, it can still be overwhelming, which makes it a little too strong for a light white wine.

On the other hand, this pasta also has seafood, giving it a bit of a meaty and salty taste. Yet, because it is seafood and not meat, the tannins in red wine will not be able to cut through it, which could leave you with a fishy taste. This is why we recommend a Sparkling Rosé instead. The bubbly wine brings everything together and will dance on your tastebuds with the spice of the Fra Diavolo. It holds perfectly against its spicy taste and offsets the fishy and salty taste of the seafood.

Spaghetti Primavera With Sauvignon Blanc

Filled with vegetables, Primavera is a light dish with a cream-based sauce. It is hearty and filled with various flavours, with an overall fresh and simple taste. It would be difficult to find the perfect drink for a dish like this without overpowering its light taste.

We recommend a light wine with this dish. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect because it does not dare overpower the taste of the dish. Rather, it becomes a partner to the sauce of this dish by highlighting its fresh taste. Aside from that, there is a fatty note left by the cream and cheese, and with the Sauvignon Blanc, you can easily cut through that taste.

In conclusion, pairing wine with spaghetti can be a fun experience and could give you a taste of other flavours of wine that you may have never known about. By understanding factors that contribute to a good pairing, you will be able to choose the right wine to go well with whatever pasta you will choose.

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