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Wine 101: Interesting Things to Know about Bordeaux

As you know, the world of wine is utterly overwhelming because there is a sheer volume of wine varieties. However, a specific region rings a bell when it comes to fine wine: Bordeaux. Today, we will talk about that region and its unique wine. 

Here are interesting things you need to know about Bordeaux so that you can appreciate your wines more: 

What Is Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is the world capital of wine. It’s a city in France that has been producing fine wines for centuries and has consistently been regarded as a city of viticultural excellence and influence throughout its history.  

If you’re a wine enthusiast, Bordeaux will ring out more loudly during your search for great wines as they produce some of the most expensive and quality bottles the world has ever seen. They present a great value for money in their cheaper bottles, and you can expect that you’ll still get the finest quality. 

Why Is Bordeaux a Perfect Region for Growing Wine?

Ever since the royalty and aristocracy of Old Europe, growing vines and producing wines have been the main focus of the region. It has the perfect climatic conditions for viticulture, making it an ideal country for growing wine. It is warm and temperate with cooling oceanic winds, creating a long ripening season across the highly fertile land. As a result, the wines Bordeaux produces are to die for, triggering the interest of international traders. 

What Makes Wine from Bordeaux So Distinctive?

What makes Bordeaux wine so distinctive is how they make and blend their wines. Let’s take a look at red wines, for example. Their red wines are not just simply red wines. Their red wines are extraordinary because they are carefully blended well and balanced together. They are made from noble grape varietals, making their red wines so exquisite. You can discover these noble grape varietals in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Once you get a sip, you’ll get to taste the distinctiveness of Bordeaux. 

While Bordeaux wines are different, they are still connected by similar grape species, making the taste of their wines consistent and excellent. 

Why Is Bordeaux So Prized Around the World?

Aside from the finest quality ingredients of their wine, Bordeaux is so prized around the world because of its ageing potential. All their finest red wines are aged in traditional barrels before bottling. However, because of the emphasis on the tannic Cabernet Sauvignon grape, the wines can also be aged in the bottle. The ageing process in the bottle allows the tannins in the wine to soften and the wine’s different components to blend well together. As a result, each bottle will have that ultimate complexity and roundness. 

That’s why Bordeaux wines are highly collectable and will often take thousands of pounds at auction. But don’t worry, because not all Bordeaux wines are unaffordable. You can find the same level of exclusivity and excellence in some of their wines at a much lower price. In fact, with under £20 at hand, you can find a red, blended wine from appellations like St. Emilion. 

Bordeaux wines are truly exceptional. They are one of the never-to-miss wines among the thousands of wines out there. The good thing about Bordeaux wines is that they are not just limited to those with plenty of money to spend. Meaning, everyone can enjoy the delectable and excellent taste of a Bordeaux bottle. 

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