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Why Buy En Primeur?

Buying “En Primeur” (also know as “wine futures”) refers to the process of purchasing wine whilst it is still in the barrel, before it is bottled and released to the market. It’s a fantastic way to start, or continue to build, your own fine wine collection, and provides you with the opportunity to obtain some of the world’s most sought after wines before they reach the open market.

Bordeaux En Primeur takes place annually around six months after the harvest of the fruit from that vintage. Many producers in Bordeaux, Burgundy and beyond have adhered to this campaign for over a century, which has seen some of the wine industry’s most discerning merchants and critics flock to the region to try the wines soon after they are blended and before they are matured and ready to be bottled.

But what does purchasing wine En Primeur mean for our Cru Wine customers? Upon our return from tasting the wines across the Bordeaux region, we will carefully select the finest wine from the 2022 vintage for you to purchase. These will not only be the region’s most exceptional wines, but also wines that we believe will bring you incredible value for money and a return on your investment several years down the line. Buying this way still allows you to purchase wine for future consumption, investment or both. It must be noted, that it will take up to two years for all purchased wine to be shipped.

This practice may seem unusual, but has remained a popular way to obtain the latest in fine wine amongst enthusiasts worldwide for many years. Here at Cru Wine we endeavour to provide you with a top-class En Primeur experience, whether that is advising you on investments for your collection, to keeping you updated with the status of your wine from the moment of purchase.

Take a look at our guide below to discover the unlimited benefits of purchasing wine En Primeur.

Benefits of buying En Primeur with Cru Wine

 Best Value

The release price of a particular vintage is often the lowest it will ever be, and will be considerably cheaper than its future price on the open market.

Exclusive Access

Some châteaux will only be selling a small amount of their most exclusive products with many not even making their way to the secondary market. Purchasing these En Primeur offers you special access to some of the most sought after wines on the market.

Guaranteed Provenance

Acquiring your wine En Primeur guarantees that it will be optimally stored ahead of bottling, with all wine being delivered directly from the supplier either to your home or to our secure bonded warehouse. 


Safe Hands

Our specialist team are always on hand to ensure you have the best En Primeur experience. With over 30+ years of wine expertise combined, an unwavering passion for wine is at the heart of what we do. Whether you are purchasing for consumption or investment we will be able to safely guide you through the most suitable options.


Marking Milestones

Acquiring a particular vintage may not just hold financial or critical value but is also the perfect way to commemorate an important occasion or anniversary. Purchasing wine En Primeur is a touching tribute to a special year and is the perfect gift for any wine lover.


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