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Spruce Up Your Alcohol Inventory in 2022 With These 5 Tips

Many of us reconsider our habits, looks, and surroundings at the start of a new year. For most, this manifests itself in the form of New Year’s resolutions. Dry January, the yearly custom of refraining from alcohol for a month, is a frequent practice for some. Others, though, see it as an opportunity to let go of the past and start anew. So why not start with your alcohol inventory.

From our bar carts and drinks cabinets to our wine fridges and beyond, the start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to take inventory and restock your inventory. Many individuals feel inspired at the start of the year, so now is the moment to channel that drive into something lasting.

We have compiled a list of best practices on how best to start the organisation process. Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your spirit stock tidy and organised.

1. Clean Things Out

Whether it’s your drinks cabinet, bar cart, or wine fridge, it’s going to be easier to put everything away once everything is out. The first step is taking everything out and then making a list of what you have so you can quickly and easily find it when you go to replace it. Afterwards, grab a trusty microfibre towel and multipurpose spray and wipe the whole thing down. You’d be surprised at the difference a simple wipe down can make.

2. Take Stock

When you’ve cleaned out your storage, take a look at what you have. Are there any bottles that have gone bad? You should probably hold onto expired alcohol for the purposes of science (or an emergency), but you don’t need to be drinking it. Take note of anything that’s gone bad and bottles you may want to give away. Now that you know what you have, you can start thinking about replacing what you want.

3. It’s Okay to Dispose

You’ll often find things you don’t want anymore whenever you do a home inventory. That’s okay. Go ahead and pour out the alcohol, chuck it, or give it away. We know it’s hard, but trust us, it’s for the greater good. You’ll thank us later.

4. Dust Off Old Bottles

Bubbles, dust, and fingerprints are a real pain to clean off of your bottles, even with a microfibre towel. If you’re looking to make your collection a little less dangerous to handle, try giving every bottle a regular wipe down with soap and water or a gentle spray with a glass cleaner and a clean cloth. This will make them easier to clean and less likely to get tiny hairs and grease on them.

5. Organise

Keeping your spirits inventory organised and in good shape is just as important as keeping it clean. Spend a little time going through your drinks cabinet, beer fridge, and bar carts. You’ll want to segregate your bottles into the appropriate categories (if you haven’t already) — for us, that’s whisky, and other dark spirits in the top left corner and gin on the bottom shelves. You’ll also want to centralise your bottles too. That way, you get the most space out of your cabinets, shelves, and fridge.

It may seem like an overwhelming task, but taking a few minutes to take stock of your alcohol and restock can genuinely make a difference to the way you and your friends have a good time. Take it easy — it’s not something that needs to happen quickly. Just take your time, be patient, and stick to it.

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