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3 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sparkling Wine

As the year comes to an end, you know what that means—it’s time to hold holiday celebrations! There’s no better way to greet the beginning of the new year than with a feast with family and friends. However, no end-of-the-year party can be complete without buying sparkling wine.

Although other beverages have their distinct charm and taste, nothing compares to the characteristics of sparkling wine. This beverage has become immensely popular, and rightfully so!

As the top choice for all sorts of celebrations, sparkling wine is undoubtedly an excellent choice for huge parties or small gatherings. Indeed, anyone who takes a sip of sparkling wine will have a smile on their face the whole night.

However, although sparkling wine has risen to fame, only a few know enough about this beverage. For instance, have you ever wondered why sparkling wine is called that way? This beverage is not called so just because it has a lot of bubbles in the drink—there is a story behind the name.

If you want to learn more about sparkling wine, keep reading!

1. It Was Named after How It’s Made

The name sparkling wine came from the stemware used for serving this wine had a crack in the bottom. When the wine was poured, it bubbled, hence the name.

According to Forbes, this type of wine gets its name from the way it is made. It is similar to champagne, but it does not go through the second fermentation. Sparkling wine is created by fermenting the wine, adding carbon dioxide under pressure to the wine to create that effervescence.

These days, various methods and systems are used to create this type of wine. Sparkling wines are produced in several countries globally, and it is being enjoyed by wine lovers all around the world.

2. It Was Discovered by Mistake

It was in the year 1531 when sparkling wine was discovered. Legend says that one day, a French monk named Dom Benedict was preparing his wine for a wedding. Unfortunately, the bottle broke, and the wine spilled all over. 

Instead of wasting it, Dom Benedict gathered the spilled wine in a container and left it to ferment. Surprisingly, the wine that came out of the container was sparkling. Sparkling wine thus becomes a popular drink back then, and it continues to be popular until now.

3. It’s among the Most Territorial Drinks

All champagnes are sparkling wines, but not all sparkling wines can be called champagne. As you can imagine, the French are pretty territorial regarding naming, as only wines produced in the Champagne region may bear the same name. For the rest of the French sparkling wines, they’re called Crémant.

To make sure that only sparkling wines produced inside the Champagne region can have the same name, the government of France has set up the Champagne region. But it’s not just Champagne and Crémant sparkling wines; Crémant sparkling wines are also produced in France, Germany, Hungary. Italy, and Slovenia.


From the way it’s made to its name, sparkling wine is definitely special. Whether you buy sparkling wine online, from the local shops, or the finest wine producers, you can be sure that it will not disappoint. So, drink up and enjoy your New Year’s Eve bubbly!

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