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Rosé Wine

Rosé Wine: Everything You Need to Know About This Pink Drink

Rose wine. A Pretty pink drink that has been circulating for many years and has no signs of stopping. This wine has a refreshing, delicate taste, perfect for any summer day.

However, even if rosé has been available for quite some time now, many people still aren’t familiar with it, where it comes from or what it tastes like.

Some common misconceptions about rosé wine are the taste: people think it is too sweet because of its blushed colour. Another thing is that it’s new, which, as mentioned before, has been out longer than you know.

What exactly is rosé wine, and what are the things you need to know about this pretty pink-coloured drink?

What Is Rosé Wine 

Rosé is a specific type or genre of wine, just like the white and the red wine. It is a wine made with similar ingredients and processes as red wine, but the fermentation time with grape skins takes shorter. When the grapes are crushed, the juice that comes out is clear. It is the skin that gives its red or pink colour. So when you reduce skin contact, you get a pinkish colour rather than the standard red colour.

This type of wine is made in any wine region and from different varieties or with just one sort of red grape. For centuries, it has been circulating in France, particularly in Provence, which leans on producing more rosé than other wine types. Rosé has also been taking the storm in America, Spain (rosado) and Italy (rosato).

Some of the most common red wines used to make rosé wine include pinot noir, cinsault, carignan, syrah, mourvèdre, sangiovese and grenache.

How Does Rosé Taste Like

Rosé wine tastes refreshingly fruity. It has quite a similar taste to grenache but crispness and brightness. As you take a sip, you’ll get to enjoy the flavours of:

  • Flowers
  • Red fruits (raspberry, strawberry and cherry)
  • Melon
  • Citrus
  • Celery

Depending on the variety of grapes used, your rosé will taste slightly different from the other ones, varying from sweet to dry to savoury.

How Do You Choose Between Sweet and Dry Rosé

You can choose from sweet or dry rosé, but most people like the dry rosé more. People in the Old World in Europe typically prefer very dry rosé. 

When the New World came, not in Europe, they made rosé fruiter and much sweeter. And these are all because of the variety of grapes used, production methods and the climate.

Some examples of sweet rosé include:

  • Pink Moscato
  • White Zinfandel
  • White merlot

What Types of Food Are Perfect Pair for Rosè

Rosé is perfect with just about any food, from salads, barbecues, roasts to spicy foods, sushi and rich sauces.

Light, dry rosé from Burgundy, Provence and the Loire Valley is perfectly paired with grilled fish, seafood, rice dishes, pasta and salads.

Sparkling rosé wine is perfect for various desserts and is the ultimate start for parties.

Rosé champagne is excellent with rare lamb chops and grilled lobster.

Medium-dry rosé is also excellent with the food mentioned above and with light syrup, fruity desserts.

Medium-bodied rosé wine coming from Spain or Southern France incorporates bold flavours. This wine is perfect with savoury dishes such as grilled chicken, paella, charcuterie, lamb cooked in herbs and those with garlic, saffron, olives and anchovies.

What Is the Best Temperature to Serve Rosé

Most sommeliers would recommend serving rosé wine between 40 to 50°F. So before serving it to your guests, make sure that you put your rosé bottles in an ice bucket or the fridge for a few hours before serving them.


Rosé wine has a refreshing taste that has captured many wine drinkers for centuries, especially rance. It takes its centre stage in various countries like America, Spain and Italy. Because of its beautiful blush colour, rosé has been the star of social media and different parties across different places. If you’re thinking of serving it to your guests or just having it during a quiet dinner in your home, you can choose between sweet and dry rosé and pair it with tasty dishes or desserts to get the best out of this fantastic drink.

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