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A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Bordeaux Wine

When you grow a passion for wines that encompasses an appreciation of the grapes used and how the wine is produced, then you can call yourself an oenophile. As you devote your energy to learning more and more about the wines that you love, the next natural step is to build your very own wine collection.

As someone who loves wine to a fault, the choices you have may overwhelm you. But may we suggest starting your fine wine investment journey with a bottle of Bordeaux.

Reasons to Invest in Bordeaux Wines

Bordeaux is one of the world’s most coveted fine wines for investing. It has been so ever since first-century merchants from Bordeaux, France, brought their wine as they traded with other nations. Since, at that time, only the members of the upper class can buy Bordeaux wines it started to gain prestige.

Bordeaux may have the reputation of a wine royalty, but there is a Bordeaux wine for every price point. Additionally, cellar-worthy bottles from premier chateaus can start for as little as GBP 22 but grow in value over time.

Some Bordeaux wines may be reasonably priced, but they still have great quality. Bordeaux wine production is a heavily regulated industry that ensures the quality of every bottle of wine sold from the region. 

Things to Consider When Starting Your Bordeaux Wine Collection

In starting your collection, you need to consider the bottle’s regional origin, its producer and vintage. These three things do not just affect the taste of the wine but also influence its value after generations. 

Regional Origins

Bordeaux is divided into over 30 wine-producing sub-regions and 60 appellations. Different regions use different grape blends to produce their wines. Left-bank winemakers are known for their richer red wines, while right-bank winemakers are famous for making softer and juicier wines.

When choosing fine investment wines, look for cellar-worthy bottles. These are the fuller-bodied wines with more sweetness and alcohol content that would help the wine develop more flavour complexities as it ages. 


Although the production of Bordeaux wines is regulated, top chateaus have time-honoured traditions that make their wines distinct and desirable. Bordeaux wine, appellations and chateaus are subjected to various classifications, but one that is concerned with chateau tradition, reputation and the transaction price is the 1855 Classification or the Grands Crus Classés En 1855.

Under the 1855 classification, wine producers are divided into three categories: first-growth, second-growth and third-growth. First-growth producers are the most notable producers that offer the highest quality of Bordeaux with the accompanying high price tag. Succeeding categories becomes more reasonably priced with less notable reputations. However, it is important to note that chateaus outside of these categories can still produce great wines, but the wines they produce may not fetch the same price as those that are included. 


Bordeaux’s geographic location presents a challenge to viticulture. Wine producers exert a lot of time and effort in ensuring that the grapes grow perfectly so they can make outstanding bottles of wine. This also makes vintage, or the year that the grapes were harvested and made into wine, crucial.

In building your wine collection, you may want to get a good mix of vintages. More recent vintages are relatively more affordable and can significantly increase their value as it ages in your collection. Older vintages may not be ideal for someone starting since they are exponentially more expensive. They are, however, the perfect fine wine investment.


Investing in fine wine takes a lot of time, effort and money. You need to do thorough research on the wine’s regional origin, classification and vintage. You also need to stay on top of tasting notes and reviews.

However, all your hard work in building your collection will be worth it. At the end of the day, you will have an asset portfolio that continues to grow with time. 

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