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A Detailed Look into Bordeaux Wines and Their Prices

The Bordeaux wine region is well-known to be a spot where you can find some of the most treasured wines. Age-worthy and remarkable, the wines from the top chateaux come with highly valuable prices. 

These wine features make them more desirable, which can turn into an investment opportunity that wine collectors cannot say no to. Apart from these, affordable wines are also available, giving buyers a wide variety of bottles to choose from. 

Learn more about the price ranges for Bordeaux wine and the details that determine these prices with this detailed guide. Additionally, you will also be looking at some of the best Bordeaux wines you can consider investing in.

Why Are Bordeaux Wines Priced Expensively?

Superiority According to Classification

The 1855 Classification of Bordeaux plays a significant role in determining the price of wine bottles. Wines considered part of this classification are viewed as more refined and better than other Bordeaux wines. 

Well-known examples from the best First and Second Growth wines are Château Latour and Château Lafite Rothschild, priced much higher than other bottles.

Age of the Wine 

The Bordeaux wine region is split into two areas: the Left and Right Bank. The wines produced in both banks differ based on their ageing process and prices. 

Left Bank wines are more expensive because they are made within a more extended time. The value of wines increases as more time passes, which investors can look at and consider.

Location of the Vineyard

If the vineyard is strategically placed in an area with better conditions, it’s highly likely that the wines produced there are more expensive. 

For example, vineyards closest to rivers have a higher value, meaning that the wines coming from there will be paired with bigger price tags.

An Image of Opulence 

The noble families of Europe have collected Bordeaux wines in the past. In fact, it has always been seen as a symbol of luxury, wealth, and elegance throughout history, with these families keeping wines to reflect their image.

Until today, this kind of practice can be manifested in how some of the finest Bordeaux bottles are still sought after because of the rarity of production of some bottles. When wines are made from selected grapes, great locations, and strategic growing seasons, their prices are understandably higher than others.

Consider Investing in Bordeaux Wine

As mentioned, the value of Bordeaux wines is very high in the market, making them an excellent opportunity for investments. It’s a passion that wine drinkers and enthusiasts can get on board with. Fine wine is always something you can drink when you want to, but it’s also something you can try investing in as more and more people are becoming interested in the art and production of wine. With innovations and changes in the market, you can apply strategies to reach potential clients or customers to check out your wine collection.

But to navigate the wine investment market effectively, it will be great to know the specifics on wine quality, ownership chain, scores, and scarcity. Once you are familiar with these, you can work on your wine investments as the demand for refined desirable wines increases over time. Getting Bordeaux wines from a reliable production source is a significant first step. Afterwards, you can start your wine investment endeavour and make it worthwhile for you.

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